At The Legal Advocacy and Education Commission, our purpose is to create a safer, more equitable society by helping to repair the broken path to justice through support and education.


We see a future world in which the people have the power to control their destiny as they are informed, educated and able to navigate a fair and impartial justice and policing system.


Our organization's niche is very narrowly defined and specific. We are focused on the moment a person is charged and enters the system right up to the sentencing or acquittal.

LAEC representatives working together to provide safer community.


The Legal Advocacy & Education Commission (LAEC) is dedicated to helping to provide safer communities through criminal law education and support. We also support victims of police misconduct and violence. Acknowledging police accountability is an important element of having a safer community. We offer a criminal justice system educational course called the Law & Courtroom Transparency Course and provide advocacy for defendants with their public defender, prosecutor, and judge if need be. Standing on the Constitution and demanding that those responsible for upholding it, be held accountable.


We understand that the law is extremely complicated and confusing to those who don’t speak legalese. Felonies can cripple your entire life if you ever get one. Obviously, sometimes taking a deal is in the best interest of the accused, but there is always an inverse effect to that. The thought of going home by saying you are guilty seems good at first, until you learn of the effects of pleading guilty and accepting a felony on your record.

We are professionals. Our civil rights attorneys, criminal justice experts, volunteers, and nonprofit executives are active and aligned with this work and recognized authorities in their fields and in criminal justice.


Knowledge is power and the fundamental that we will never give up on. We always hold that understanding and education is the ultimate way to control one’s destiny. If one is not aware, one cannot fulfill their promise of a better future.


We fight our battles with equality and humanity. We face an uphill climb and bias. The United States is rife with misconduct – but our battle is beyond color, race, geography, or origin.


We speak truth to power. A felony can trigger jail or prison time and it is often later that the most devastating repercussions occur including mental health to career choices to housing options.


So, we won’t be afraid to stand up for what is right and necessary.


We invite others to join us. Without partnerships, big and small, this movement will not grow and we will not make the changes needed to repair a broken system.