First-Time Offender Program

Welcome to the most unique, informative, and helpful program available for first-time offenders facing a felony. No other first-time offender program contributes to a safer community by conducting safety assessments that allows the accused to display their character.


This program is designed in the interest of community safety. It considers humanistic elements and mitigating documents in the favor of legal and moral justices for all parties involved. Enrollees will have the opportunity to showcase who they really are and who they want to become.

Our First-Time Offender Program consists of three essential components:

Conducting a Safety Assessment

First time offender program includes a safety assessment

Show the courts who you truly are. Unlike any algorithm based assessment, our safety assessments have a humanistic approach to justice.

Our Safety Assessment is a comprehensive personality test. Those who take the assessment are asked questions during an in-person interview. The interview is conducted by our team of law professionals, who would consider first-time offenders’ humanistic qualities, such as marital status and community stability, in their overall assessments.


Enrollees of the program will no longer be judged by an algorithm in the criminal justice system but as human beings. The assessment aims to determine if a person is indeed a threat to society and if pretrial detention is required. Mitigating documents consist of the following items: diploma, degree, certificate, letter of employment, church or community affiliation, character evidence, etc.


The LAEC Safety Assessment frames community safety as a top priority by asking questions to determine if the individual threatens our communities. Our reports convey full transparency for the courts and allow first-time offenders the opportunity to display their character.

Implementing a 5-Year Plan

Enrollees in the first time offender program construct a 5 year plan

Put together your very own 5-Year Plan that aligns with your aspirations. This is an excellent way to show the courts that you have plans for your future.

Participants accepted into our First-Time Offender Program are instructed to outline a 5-Year Plan detailing all their goals and aspirations they hope to achieve in that timeframe.


This plan should align with what the participants have already shown evidence of leaning toward based on the mitigating documents provided by our enrollees. The 5-year plan is an essential element of the First-Time Offender Program because it allows the courts and the prosecutors to examine the enrollees’ plans in conjunction or with evidence to substantiate the direction of the plan. 


For example, a first-time offender may plan to own a barber shop business. The evidence could be that during their in-person interview, they said they enjoy cutting hair or offering unique hairstyles to people they know. With a 5-Year Plan in place, they would list as a goal to submit their applications to barber schools.

Working with a Life Coach

First time offender program works with a life coach

We pair you with a life coach for guidance on attaining the goals you have outlined in your 5-Year Plan.

One of the hallmarks of the First-Time Offender Program is the focus on guidance and accountability. Our certified life coaches and reentry experts are assigned to enrollees in the program. The coaches and experts will evaluate the enrollees’ 5-Year Plan and follow up with them 1 – 2 times each month as they implement their plans. *Meeting frequency decreases as time progresses.


Having a 5-Year Plan in place and someone to hold our enrollees accountable is an excellent way to create a more productive society. Our life coaches and reentry experts build up our enrollees’ life skills, such as building a support network, overcoming peer pressure and lack of motivation, and coping with cognitive distortions. All our program enrollees greatly benefit from having an empathetic life coach and reentry expert to consult for guidance.

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