Law & Courtroom Transparency Course

Educating on America’s Justice System

Our introductory course is called the Law & Courtroom Transparency Course. This course is available to the general public and aims to provide transparency in navigating the criminal justice system. Whether you are a law student seeking additional knowledge about the law that is not available in any law school or a defendant in a court of law, you need a proper understanding of what is happening to you or one of the noble advocates or activists that support justice reform and knowledge, this course is for you.


Our course has just about everything you would need to know about navigating a courtroom and the different stages of a case, from the arraignment to the jury verdict. This knowledge can leave you confident with a better understanding of the Criminal Justice system.


The course consists of 5 modules that educate on America’s Justice System. Included are shocking statistics, “Did you know(s)” about America’s justice system, and invaluable information providing transparency on the criminal justice system. In this course, you are taken from entering the criminal justice system to exiting. The course explains in-depth arraignments, plea bargaining, constitutional rights, historical context, trials, and the collateral consequences of a felony.


A certificate of completion is provided upon completion of this unique course. LAEC is dedicated to providing exceptional educational and informative courses that educate on America’s Justice System. 


The Law & Courtroom Transparency Course will be available Winter 2023.