We welcome individuals of all backgrounds to take our Law & Courtroom Transparency Course. If you are interested in what a plea bargain is and what it truly means, what a public or alternate defender’s true motivation is and what their objectives are, what the responsibilities of the prosecutor is, or how judges become judges, we implore you to register for this course and join us for an opportunity to understand the Criminal Justice system.


This unique program is the first of its kind. No other program is dedicated to the prevention of felonies through education and mitigation. Included in the program is the one-of-a-kind Law & Courtroom Transparency Course. We aim to offer this program in every county and state in the U.S. as further equal access to legal education across the nation.


One of the most dangerous things to come in contact with is a deputy who has the duty to enforce the law while having a bad day. We are all only human and the job of a police officer can be very stressful indeed. So, what happens when a police officer can’t make the correct moral & ethical judgements? Police misconduct.

First time offender

More Than a Diversion For
First-Time Offenders

At the Legal Advocacy and Education Commission, we conduct safety assessments for a safer community. We are focused on the moment a person is charged and entered into the system right up to the sentencing or acquittal.


Once a felony charge is on someone’s record, it sets into motion a series of events that are life-defining, life-altering, and life-shattering. First-time offenders are most often confused by the process of being in a courtroom and will do anything to get out. Additionally, being handcuffed, placed into a jumpsuit, potentially being mistreated and dehumanized, and the many other traumas that come along with one bad decision makes it a particularly fraught time in an individual’s life.


What many do not realize is that while each state may have slightly different penalties, convicted first-time offenders are most likely to lose the following rights:

When this occurs, it sets in a chain of events, such as mental health issues, being viewed as “other” by society, lack of self-esteem and worth, and greater odds of returning to the revolving door of the criminal justice system.

We must stop the pipeline for first-time offenders.